The Wretched Stone

19 06 2008


Literal Comprenhension:When all preparation had been completed Rita Anne a big cargo ship started her voyage.It was all good and the journey was very fine because the sailors were fine and they spent their free time reading five books,sing song dancing and telling adventurous stories.They were getting good entertainment and there was no boring in ship at all.After four weeks they found an island which was very strange because there were no fruits in the plant and there was no signs of humanlife.At first air was pleasant but later it smelled bad.There were springs having bitter taste of water.They found there a strange stone having one side shining.From that side,strange and beautiful light was emitted then it was brought into the ship.The light produce by the side attracted all sailors when they were free they started watching the light sitting before the stone.The stopped doing their job and their behaviours were also changed.They rarely spoke.They always remained just infront of the stone watching the light sometimes they walked like animals this made the captain surprise when they knew that the captain was going to throw the stone they locked themselves into the room with ston.They didn’t realize their duty.There was terrible storm and captain was alone there when therewhen he went call them he was surprised o find them that all of them had been changed into hairy apes.They didn’t understand the language of captain after the strom was over the ship was still floating.The stone didn’t give any light all the apeslike sailor were sad,then the captain beganto play the voilen and read books to them.They began to recover gradually from the condition.There eyes were alert and started to do their normal lworks finally they were rescued by another ship and the captain set fire to the ship so that the wretched stone would be destroyed.



 This is metaphorical story.Many things in the story are used metaphorically.In the story the stands for the television set ape like humanbeings stands uncreative people who are very crazy for T.V watching.The str.. island is representing unproductive island.Anyway the author has managed these thing very skillfully and tries to show ther demerits of massive T.V watching.According to the writer t.v watching causes the divert of our job and responsibility so in this case tv watching is curse unproductive and uncreative job.It should be avoided.Another important interpretation of the story is that we should adopt another devices of getting lintertainment such as reading books , singing song,telling stories etc.Thsi process of getting intertainment is mch better and more interesting and natural than watching tvthe witer may also be trying to tell us that we must be very serious and dutiful to get success of our job.


Critical Thinking:

                            There is very interesting story which is very successful to impart the demerits of watching t.v the metaphorical arrangement of the story is very impressive.It tells us the very creative imagination of the author beside this there are some aspects which don’t seem logical and style.They think that television is boonfor them so they may raise somequestions is T.V really a wretched stone for modern people?Can we find any such island as mentioned in the story?How can a person become a hairy ape just watching the light ?Doesn’t television have any advantages?In this story the writer whas totally forgottenabout the advantages of television watching.His one side interpretation of the text makes the reader be critical their blooming soft mind. T.V has both audio and visusal system this audio and visual system is able to pull children whole attention so they do not get any entertainment by reading their books.After reading this poem I don’t let children watch T.V freely,I let them to watch some selected programs which are very good and useful for them and I also remember this beautiful poem when I see many children who are very crazy to watch t.v and they don’t pay any attention to their study.




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