The Cabuliwallah By: Rabindranath Tagore

13 06 2008

Literal Comprehension

                                    Mini was the lovely daughter of writer. She was very talkative and playful. Once Mini saw a pedlar walking around her hourse he originally belongs to cabul the capital of Afganstan he was selling his goodsfrom door to door and Mini used to call him Cabuliwallah and ran away to her mother because she had wrong belief that he would take her. But her father called the peddler and introduced Mini with him. After that Mini false fear was chased away then the Cabuliwallah and Mini became close friends. They used to spend long time telling funney jokes and stories so meantime caubliwallah asked her if she would go her father in law and she replied him carelessly without understanding the real meaning of it.Once cabuliwallah,Tahman was arrested on the charge ofmurderous attack to his costumer and sent jail for several years that time Mini also asked him whether he was going to father in law. After spending several years Cabuliwallah arrived at Mini’s house. Meanwhisle there was wedding ceremony of Mini was goingon.He was there to meet Mini.He had taken some fruit to give her as  a gift. At first the writer didn’t likehim but when the writer was informed by Rehman that he loved her very much he regarded her as his own daughter,Parvati. The cabuliwallaha also told him that he brought that because he like her very much as his own daughter. Then the writer was very impressed by the relation between Rehman  and Mini. So Mini was called to meet Rehman she appeared in the red silk of her wedding dress when he sawher in the grown up he was surprised then Rehman felt sad realizing that his daughter Parvati must have grown up like Mini, then Mini’s father gave him a hundred rupee note cuttingsome of the wedding expenses. He felt that the long lost father would be happy seeing his only child  and family and because of their happiness they would bless Mini for her good future.



                        This isbeautiful story through Rabindra Nath Tagore is trying to tell us that all strangers are not mysterious. Some are generous because thaey have their family and they also love their family and country as other people so we shouldn’t show any disparity upon a foreign peddler. This story also tries to tell about the child psychology. All children are talkative and playful like Mini and they never differentiate any person in terms of caste,religion and country. In the story there is deep friendship between Mini and Cabuliwallah although they belong to different countries and culture. A child is ignorant and enjoys his childish activities with anyone who understand him but it is society and parents who modify their activities and thought. The story might also be trying to tll us that selfishness help and brotherhood are the best ways of getting happiness in our life. We should always respect the cosmopolitan feeling.



Critical Thinking:

                          This it the story which impart beautiful lesson to us. It has interesting story plot which shows an ideal picture of friendship between a small girl and Cabuliwallah a foreign peddler. But the story has some points which are very impractical so against then we may raise some question to give our critical thoughts. So we allow a foreigner to make friend with our child? Do we tolerate his presence in our home everyday? Do we give any prisioner to meet our daughter on her wedding day? Can we help him by cutting down some of the expenses of the wedding? In the story writer is very much idealistic.



                        After reading this story my attitude to the peddlers visiting my door everyday has changed. Before reading this story I used to think them as non human and mysterious person. I supposed that they were vagabond and they were in humane but now I relized that they are also real human beings having good sentiments and they are also dutiful father of small children for whom they are earning money. They leave their lovely home and family for their compulsion when I see a padler I remember cabulwallah of this story.




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