Teachin in The Television Culture

13 06 2008


Literal Comprehension:

                                    This is an essay which talks some how balancely about positive and negative aspects of watching T.V. According to the essayist,English teacher suddenly become angry when hears from his students that they always watch T.V because he belongs to print culture he thinks that reading is quite necessary.He says that T.V has narcotic quality attracts many people.Teachers don’t like to use T.V even for educational purpose. This is the idea of some of the conservative teachers ut the fact is that a  generation ofstudents are brought up in the culture of television.It has become a necessy and very important. The researchers have found the T.V a new kind of communiation process.A T.V isn’t a single programme it isa kind of flow of different programmes.When a viewer watches T.V he doesn’t find just one separate process he has to travel from the world of drama and friction to lthe world of the commerce and rality and again back to the world ofdrama and friction because T.V is the multistation television system. Through this a viewer can travel from one channel to another channel just likefrom one country to another so this is very easy process whichprovides many knowledge to the viewer.it wideness views can do my works such as reading newpaper,talking,danching,playing,jumpinc,looking through window,talking on telephone listening tadion,doing homeworks all at the same time.



                        The essay may be trying to tell us that T.V Watching is not absolutely negative but essayist is trying to interprete that it is infact a blessing for modern society.According to the essayst modern generations are brought T.V culture. It becomes their life style or part of there life.The teleconscious flow they automatically lead their life to the life of maturation. Furthermore the essayst says that T.V is not a single minded process but it multidimensional process fromwhich one can travel from one channel to another channel and from fictional to real in search of information .T.V doen’t prevent them from their different daily activities.They can perform different activities.Moreover T.V help to make them more creative and active.So.it is not a curse but it is proved to be a kind of blessing boon to all modern people.




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