Stickeen:John Mouir

13 06 2008


Literal Comprehension:

                                     Once the writer and his friends S.H.Young made a journey of the explore the icy region of south eastern Alaska.They had many Indian friends and a dog.The dog was brought by S.H.Young the name of the dog was stickeen.At first the writer didn’t like to the dog in their journey due to hash weather and region but later Young assured the writer that he would not cause any trouble and he would endure cold and hunger.Their journey was really adventurous.There were many ups and downs in their journey but according to writer stickeen also was accopaning them easily without any troubles.The writer was influenced by the dog very much.The dog led they very actively.According to writer when the landing time near,he would be always first to go ahead and he was also the last to get in the ship.He seemed their very serious intelligent dog.He was acting like a great philosopher he avoided every difficulties like an experienced mount .In this was their journey was going ahead.during their stickeen always followed the writer.Stickeen and the writer became inimate friends and always travelled together successfully.There were many dangerous glacier and crevasses.The level of flood was hitting on their journey.It was very difficult for the writer to cross but stickeen crossed them easily but finally they both were trapped by a nearly fifty food wide and very deep crevasse.It was the most dangerous crevasses.Then were frightened the writer made small steps on the vertical wall and went across the silver bridge.The …..very nervous with writer,stickeen was also very sad.It shows its grief by running here and there and moaning.After that they both crossed the crevasse with great care.Stickeen was very wise and intelligent as the writer,When they crossed the deadly crevasse,stickeen showed uncontrollable joy by producing strange sound.In this way their complex journey was over.After the trip,the steckeen was taken by his master and was later stolen by a tourist but the writer would never forget him.



                        This story might be trying to explore the animal world.According to Muri like human beings,animals also like to adventurous they have also good senseby using good senses they can accomplish their problem successful.Another interpretation of this story is that there can be established deep rooted  love between human beings and animal beings.In the story there is deep attachement between human and animal.Moreover the writer is expressing to readers that success after great adventurous situation is always exciting and joyful next significant interpreation of lthe story may be about the beaut of nature.According to John Muir nature is so beautiful as well as dangerous.Thsi story explore both animal world and the nature.Through this story he explore the complex geo-physical status of a region in the story the writer is also talking about natural forces such as glaciers ,crevasses,rain,strom,snowy river etc.


Critical Thinking:

                          This story is very beautiful in the cost adventrue of animal and the deep attachement of animal and human beings.It is very skillfully deal in the story.But some points in the plot aren not so reasonable for this we may raise some questions against them.Why does a man risk his life for nothing by exploring very adventurous area?Have they really saved from deadly crevasse?Is stickeen really as adventurous and sensibl as it is described in the story?or it might be only exaggeration only can an animal express it happiness and grief as stickeen has expressed?Besides these all points story is very exciting.



                        After reading story I come to know that an animal can be the best friend and co-operative as man.My concept upon the dog is totally changed.Befote reading this story I thought that an animal can not be as sensible and adventurous as shown in this story in the story stickeen is presented as sensible animal .Really this story has given me a lot of information about animal and it also equally significant for me to impart the knowledge of different natural forces such as glaciers,crevasses,snowy storm also enlightens me that nature is as beautiful as it is dangerous so we have to deal with nature very carefully.








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